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Ventilated Euro Containers

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Vented plastic containers

Ventilated Euro containers are manufactured from food grade polypropylene and can be fully recycled after a long and productive working life.

Each item in our Basicline range is manufactured to a high standard and delivers lightweight storage and transport for all kinds of goods.

They combine cost-effectiveness with quality and reliability to deliver safe, convenient transportation mediums ideal for modern business.

You’ll see ventilated Euro containers in commercial kitchens, bakeries, food manufacturing, warehouses, supermarkets, orchards, farms and anywhere within the supply chain.

They aren’t only for food either. As these containers are standard sizes, you can mix and match them with other containers of the same size.

Plastor stocks vented containers in a range of capacities from shallow 5.4 litre trays all the way to taller 29 litre capacities. We even stock lids too!

Sizes conform to the Euro standard, 400mm x 300mm or 600mm x 400mm. They can be stacked and carried and will fit onto Euro pallets and dollies.

Sides are ventilated to promote airflow for the contents while the strong, solid base provides the stability for safe transport and storage.

A pair of handles at either end enables each crate to be carried and stacked safely.

The base is designed to interlock for stable stacking but release easily for safe handling. The containers can fit onto Euro size pallets or dollies for convenient transportation and be stacked safely when not in use.

Containers can be easily cleaned and dried and have been designed to provide a long working life and then be fully recycled afterwards.

Plastor stocks vented plastic containers in standard sizes ready for dispatch. Buy yours now at very competitive prices!