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Supermarket Crates

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Supermarket crates are a very efficient storage medium which is why they are so popular! Ideal for fresh and frozen food, as well as many other grocery items.

Plastor has a wide range of supermarket crates for sale at variable depths. Each measures 600mm x 400mm and are available in depths of 106mm, 180mm, 190mm, 199mm, 253mm and 302mm. Thanks to standard sizing, they can be stacked together as required.

Supermarket crates all use Euro standard dimensions to fit Euro pallets (800 x 1200mm) and UK pallets (1200 x 1000mm). They will also fit wheeled dollies for safe movement of filled crates.

When in use, the bale arm can be folded down to provide safe support for stacking. When empty, the bale arm folds back so crates can be nested for efficient movement or storage.

Supermarket crates from Plastor are constructed from tough, food grade plastics or recycled plastic. Each is designed to be flexible and robust and provide a safe way to store or transport goods.

The design of the supermarket crate ensures they can be packed with perishables or delicate items for safe transport. While predominantly used for food, they can store any item you choose thanks to the open space, excellent air circulation and strength of each crate.

Supermarket crates from Plastor are available in a range of sizes and colours and represent excellent value for money. Buy with confidence today for fast delivery to your door!