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Health and Safety Equipment


Fire safety equipment

Fire safety equipment is a legal and moral obligation. Plastor offers fire extinguisher kits, standalone fire extinguishers, extinguisher stands and covers. All designed to prepare and protect from fire hazards.

You will see Plastor’s fire safety equipment in places that require fire extinguishers, stands or covers, including kitchens, bars, restaurants, shops, classrooms and kitchens.

Barriers and impact protection

Barriers and impact protection perform a vital role protecting buildings, machinery and vehicles. Plastor stocks a selection of high visibility impact protection and barriers of all shapes and sizes.

You will see Plastor barriers and impact protection in warehouses, loading bays, car parks, turning areas and anywhere trucks, forklifts or buildings need protection.

Workplace matting

Workplace matting protects surfaces and staff from slips, uneven surfaces and other hazards. Made from tough, non-conductive materials, workplace matting is the perfect solution to surface hazards.

You can find Plastor workplace matting in bars, restaurants, shops, warehouses, factories and anywhere the public or staff need a safe surface to walk on.

Grit and salt bins

Grit and salt bins are manufactured from tough coloured plastic and can be placed out of the way until needed. They come in a range of shapes and sizes with folding lids to keep the grit and salt dry and ready for use.

You can find Plastor grit and salt bins in schools, colleges, hospitals, warehouses, factories, car parks and anywhere with outside spaces that need protecting from snow and ice.

Snow ploughs

Snow ploughs are simple but very effective methods of keeping paths and walkways clear when it snows. Plastor stocks hand-driven snow plows, wheeled snow plows and those you can attach to a forklift.

You’ll find Plastor snow ploughs in schools, universities, hospitals, factories, warehouses, town centres and anywhere snow needs to be cleared.

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