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Barriers And Impact Protection

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Workplace barriers and impact protection

Barriers and impact protection from Plastor are all designed specifically for busy workplaces. Whether that’s a factory, warehouse, commercial kitchen, school, college or something else.

These flexible products provide the visible protection and deterrent you need to keep spaces and staff safe.

Our barrier and impact protection range includes:

  • Polyurethane foam protectors
  • Steel barriers and protective guards
  • Safety barriers with rope or belts
  • Corner protection
  • Protective posts and bollards

Each is manufactured to the highest standard and finished in high quality, highly visible colours.

Safe, visible barriers and impact protection

Polyurethane foam protection provides soft surfaces to keep staff safe. They are highly visible and can protect objects from harm and staff or vehicles from harming objects.

Handrail barriers, warehouse barriers and protective guards and posts are manufactured from high strength steel and finished in tough, highly visible colours. They are ideal for protecting buildings or walkways from vehicles.

Barrier posts, expanding barricades, belt barriers and belt barriers are all designed to keep pedestrians out of spaces or guide them to where you want to go. Available in a range of attractive and highly visible colours, they are flexible and ideal for workplace use.

All barriers and impact protection products conform to all relevant standards.

Protect your people

Protect your people with polyurethane foam protectors, corner protection, rope or belt barriers and protective guards. All are designed to warn or protect people in the workplace.

They can also be used to guide customers, block off areas of risk or private areas and help form queues.

Protect your property

Protect your property with polyurethane foam protectors, steel barriers, protective guards, warehouse barriers, corner protection and protective posts and bollards.

Each is designed for a specific purpose. Whether that’s protecting the corners of buildings and racking or shelving bays, preventing vehicular access to specific areas or guiding vehicles to loading bays or parking spaces.

All are manufactured using high strength steel and are finished in bright yellow and black for maximum visibility.

All Plastor barriers and impact protection are available to order for fast delivery!