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Workplace Matting

A range of workplace matting to keep your visitors comfortable and safe from trips and slips. Heavy duty doormats, entrance mats and anti-fatigue matting available in a range of colours, sizes and materials to suit your needs.

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Mats are found within most premises, including homes, offices, schools, shops, stores, warehouses, factories, airports and hospitals. Mats are essential for cleaning and drying the soles of shoes when entering a building from the outside. Wet shoes can cause slip hazards on smooth surfaces and mats are the ideal way to dry shoes to lower the chance of this happening.

Some mats are also suitable for outdoors allowing dirt to be rubbed or scraped off before entering a building.

Non-conductive electrical matting provides protection against electrical shocks, giving added peace of mind when operators are working with high voltage equipment.

Anti-fatigue matting has been designed to keep the users legs and feet subconsciously moving which in turn helps with comfort (especially for those with musculoskeletal disorders) and stimulates the blood within the legs and feet for improved circulation.

Plastor offers a range of mats and matting in different materials, colours and sizes to suit your needs. If you can't find what you're looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.