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Wheeled Plastic Container Trucks with Handles

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The design of the industrial storage bins with wheels has been specifically created to allow staff to move them around while standing upright. Bins can also be provided with a useful pocket for clipboard or electronic devices for extra convenience.

The black wheeled plastic container trucks are manufactured from recycled polyethylene.

The coloured wheeled plastic container trucks are manufactured from food grade polyethylene and are ideal for a variety of uses.

Plastor stocks wheeled plastic container trucks from 200 litre capacity up to 455 litres. Each has been constructed to withstand rough treatment in industrial spaces without letting you down.

You will often see these storage bins with wheels in warehouses, factories, commercial kitchens, food manufacturers, pubs, bars, clubs, hospitals and anywhere solid materials need to be transported safely.

These trucks come in black, red and blue colours, with or without lids. They can be colour-coded, labelled, stacked or separated as required. The insides have been moulded smooth with nothing for materials to catch so they are very easy to work with.

Each truck comes complete with four tough castor wheels that swivel for easy movement around the workplace.

If you’re looking for tough, reliable wheeled plastic container trucks designed for daily use in almost any environment, these are it!

Order your wheeled plastic container trucks from Plastor for competitive pricing and fast delivery to your door!