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Bakery Trays and Fish Trays

Our Bakery and Fish Trays are high quality industry standard containers specially designed for the transportation, display and storage of fresh bread and fresh fish.

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Our Bakery and Fish Trays are specially designed for the transportation of bread and fish products.

You will see our bakery and bread trays used in most leading supermarkets, minimarts and convenience stores for the transportation, storage and display of loaves of bread. They are specially designed for the easy manual handling of loaves, they offer large footprint storage space and can be stacked when raising the bale arms on each side. Our bread trays can also be nested by lowering the bale arms when empty to save valuable storage space.

Our fish trays are manufactured to the highest industry standards and are very common within the fishing industry. Their clever designs allow the contents to drain through each fish tray even when stacked. The trays are also suitable for ice to keep the fish as fresh as possible when transporting and displaying at fish markets. Our fish trays are available in a range of popular sizes and they can nest inside each other when not in use to save valuable storage space.