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Bakery Trays and Fish Trays

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Plastic bakery trays and fish trays

All bakery trays and fish trays from Plastor have been manufactured using food grade HDPE or polyethylene.

Each has been designed for a particular purpose but is flexible enough to be used anywhere.

You’ll often see these bakery trays and fish trays in bakeries, fishmongers, butchers, fishing trawlers and boats, food processors, supermarkets, workshops, shops, markets, factories, warehouses and anywhere that needs to securely store items for later use or transport them safely.

While designed for food use, they are capable of so much more!

Our bakery trays include large vents to help airflow and keep food fresh. They can stack or nest and provide lightweight but robust transport for delicate items.

Some of our bakery trays include folding bale arms that can help stacking and fold neatly out of the way for nesting.

Our fish trays are designed to be robust and do away with the vents to help retain ice or water depending on how you transport the goods. The tray includes cleverly designed drain holes which is also handy when cleaning.

Fish trays can be stacked safely and transported with ease. You can even drain multiple fish trays when stacked for maximum convenience.

Bakery trays and fish trays can help keep food fresh and can be safely used in temperature controlled environments without compromising performance.

While designed for food use, we often see bakery trays and fish trays used to store fabrics, clothes, books, loose or small components, food ingredients, shoes, plumbing fixtures and fittings and all manner of items.

Flexibility is built into every tray, so whatever you need to use them for, they’ll deliver the reliability and capability you’re looking for!