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Confectionery Trays

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Food grade confectionery trays

You will mainly see confectionery trays in bakeries where they are ideal for storing and transporting cakes, rolls, pastries and other fresh products.

All confectionery trays are manufactured from food grade polypropylene that provides a robust tray that’s hygienic enough for food use.

You will also see this type of tray in many other types of settings too. We supply workshops that use them for components, manufacturers for handling ingredients, commercial kitchens for storing prepped ingredients and many other types of business too.

Anyone that requires a safe, stable place to store smaller items will find a use for confectionery trays!

Confectionery trays from Plastor come in standard sizes that include:

  • 765mm x 455mm 90mm with 20 litre capacity
  • 765mm x 455mm 125mm with 30 litre capacity
  • 765mm x 455mm 175mm with 50 litre capacity
  • 762mm x 457mm x 92mm with 22 litre capacity
  • 762mm x 457mm x 123mm with 32 litre capacity
  • 762mm x 457mm x 176mm with 48 litre capacity

We can also supply confectionery tray lids to keep goods safe while in storage or transit and a dolly designed specifically for the 765mm trays.

Trays can be solid or vented and some will have convenient carry handles for easy handling.

Each has been designed to be robust, yet light, strong yet flexible and deliver the convenience you need within a fast moving environment.

Order your food grade confectionery trays today from Plastor for competitive prices and fast delivery!