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Container Pick Walls

We have tried to make it easy for you by creating pre-made pick-wall setups. Picking container (Euro picking bin) walls are easy to adjust and expand as you need changes.

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Container pick walls are simply pre-made kits made up of a popular selection of Euro picking container bins. Pick walls can simply transform your warehouse and workplace in minutes with minimal effort for maximum picking efficiency.

Pick walls are particularly popular for the storage of clothing within clothes shop warehouses and garment printing company stockrooms. Container pick walls can also play an important role in manufacturing processes where different parts of production lines can be accessed easily in one location and within close proximity. Containers can also be removed with ease if replenishment or distribution is required to and from another location.

Pick walls can be re-arranged in seconds and individual containers can be removed for easily relocation and transportation. A large range of sizes are available to suit your needs.