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Platform Trolleys

Filter Group
Overall Height (mm)
Overall Width (mm)
Overall Depth (mm)
Truck Sides Type
Wheel Type / Brakes
Platform / Deck Height (mm)
Base / Deck Size (mm)
Maximum Load (kg)

Plastor Platform Trucks

Heavy duty platform trucks from Plastor are designed to be tough. Each is manufactured from high strength steel with the option for mesh, tubular, or plywood/timber frames and robust wheels to help move items safely.

Heavy duty platform trucks come in a range of configurations. Flatbed trucks for larger items, trucks with mesh panels to help keep smaller items safe and visible or plywood panels for more robust protection.

Platform trucks can often be found in warehouses, industrial workplaces, hospitals, food service businesses and anywhere heavy or bulky items require transportation safely and efficiently.

A mix of fixed and swivel wheels, superb stability and solid construction combines to deliver a reliable platform truck you can rely on to keep your goods and staff in one piece.

Wheels are manufactured specifically to aid quiet movement and to comfortably handle the stated weight over a mix of surfaces. Hard rubber or pneumatic wheels help avoid damaging floors too!

Every platform truck in the Plastor range has been carefully selected for build quality, reliability and flexibility. Each will provide many years of safe, reliable operation with the minimum of maintenance.