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Tote Boxes

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Plastic tote boxes with lids

Tote storage boxes offer sturdy storage that is also light, easy to handle and a pleasure to use.

You’ll find these storage boxes with lids in homes, shops, factories, warehouses, offices, transport hubs, schools, colleges and anywhere reliable storage is required. They are especially useful in areas with limited storage space as they are so space efficient.

The combination of robust construction, lids that fold over and can be secured, and safe carry handles make them perfect for almost any situation.

Plastor stocks 3 types of storage boxes with lids, recycled, coloured and extra large. Each has been manufactured to the highest standards and are available in a range of popular sizes.

Recycled tote boxes are made from fully recycled plastic. You benefit from the same high strength and reliability but are also using a recycled product that can be, in turn, recycled itself after use.

Coloured plastic tote boxes with lids come in a variety of colours and sizes. They deliver the reliable storage you need along with easy identification or sorting. Coloured containers are available in both recycled and new plastic varieties.

Extra large tote boxes are for serious storage. Available with capacities from 80 to 190 litres, each extra large storage tote can tackle the heaviest or bulkiest loads.

Plastor also stocks tamper-evident container seals for those times you need a little extra protection.

Recycled tote boxes

Recycled tote boxes provide genuine sustainability benefits with no compromise. They are as tough, as reliable and as flexible as new plastic, but made from old plastic.

We insist on rigorously testing all recycled materials in our products to ensure they deliver the quality you look for with no downsides.

Once they reach end of life, each recycled tote box can be further recycled into something else. It’s a genuinely green option!

Convenient tote storage boxes

Tote storage boxes are popular for many reasons, but it’s mainly their convenience.

Fold the lid closed when full and the tote can stack safely. You can maximise your storage space while keeping things safe for staff.

Fold the lid out when empty and your tote storage box can nest inside other boxes for even more efficiency.

However much storage you have, use convenient tote storage boxes from Plastor to get even more out of the space!

Plastic boxes with lids

Tote boxes from Plastor are manufactured to the highest standards using quality virgin or recycled plastic.

They have been designed to be light and manoeuvrable while also being able to cope with heavy or bulky loads. They will often come with convenient carry handles to aid safe transport and easy separation when nested.

A lot of thought has gone into the design. Each tote box has been strengthened where necessary but also allows flexibility and ease of use. There’s give in the body but not so much that the box becomes unsafe or unstable.

We think we got the design just right with our tote box range!

Order your plastic tote boxes from Plastor for competitive pricing and fast delivery to your door!