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Bale Arm Crates (Maxinest)

Bale Arm crates are the fruit/vegetable crates you commonly find within supermarkets and shops. In fact some of the crates (Maxinest) within this range were designed in consultation with leading supermarkets. Although commonly found in supermarkets they are also suitable to other non-food related applications.

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Bale arm crates are also known as supermarket crates (Maxinest) and are commonly found in supermarkets, markets and shops for the sale of fruit and vegetables. Not only are these crates popular within the grocery market they are also extremely useful across many other industries for large a variety of applications, including food delivery services and for the storage of goods within foodbanks.

Bale arm crates can both stack and nest by raising the strong bars (bale arms) at each end to allow for secure stacking of the crates and alternatively lowering the bale arms allows for nesting of the crates when empty.

Many bale arm crates have vented sides and bases, this is mainly due to the fact that many of the models within this range were purposely designed for the storage and transportation of fresh food goods, such as fruit and vegetables. Because of their food nature these crates are made from food grade plastic (unless stated or made from recycled materials) and they are also easy to clean.

Most bale arm crates within this range are Euro standard dimensions meaning they can fit evenly on to both Euro pallets (800 x 1200mm) and UK pallets (1200 x 1000mm). Wheeled dollies are also available for easy transportation.