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Plastic Crates are ideal for storing, protecting and transporting goods and they are often a critical element within manufacturing processes. Plastor is one of the leading distributors and experts in plastic storage crates in the UK and we stock a huge variety of plastic crates with a large range of features to suit your needs and applications. We have storage crates with attached hinged lids, we have crates with vented sides to keep goods fresh and we have crates which stack uniformly upon one another for simple and effective palletization, shipping and storage. We also have crates suitable for direct contact with food and we have some very large crates for bulkier items too. Our crates are NOT single use as our crates are designed for multiple uses and have the potential to last a generation (or more - depending on how they are treated), better still they can be recycled at the end of their lifetime. We even offer a range of storage crates made from recycled plastic, they're cheaper and of heavy duty standards too.

Our recycled plastic storage crates use high quality recycled plastic to deliver exceptional storage. If they weren’t classified as recycled, you would never know. They are solid, reliable and can help save the planet!

The coloured storage crates are heavy duty storage or shipping crates available in a range of sizes and colours. They can stack when full and nest when empty offering efficient storage at an accessible price.

Plastor’s large storage crates with lids offer practical storage and light weight. Constructed of robust plastic with attached lids, these stacking crates are ideal for storing larger items and can stack or nest as required.

Plastic Crates which stack only are versatile, heavy duty, strong plastic crates that stack only. Plastic stacking crates generally have a greater volume capacity due to their straight sides. Our Euro (European standard size) stacking crates can be tailored to suit your requirements with drop on lids, hinged lids, inner dividers, personalised print and locking clasps.

Plastic supermarket crates are known in the industry as bale arm crates and are commonly found in supermarkets, markets and grocery stores for the fresh containment, delivery, transportation, display and storage of fruit and vegetables. However, supermarket crates are used for many other applications due to their stack/nest and storage volume features.

We understand that all the different types of plastic storage crates and their sizes can be overwhelming so if you're looking to buy plastic crates then please contact our team at Plastor and we will be more than happy to help you.