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Plastic Storage Crates

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Plastic Crates

Plastic crates are light, strong, convenient ways to store and transport items. Whether that’s in the warehouse, during manufacturing or anywhere else, you cannot get a more flexible storage medium than a plastic crate.

Plastor stocks a huge range of plastic crates covering every conceivable need. Different shapes and sizes, crates with lids, supermarket crates, delivery crates, coloured crates for organised storage and even crates made from recycled plastic.

Plastic crates are:

  • Space efficient, can nest or stack easily
  • Robust, built tough to survive any working environment
  • Easy to move, with handles at either end
  • Secure, many plastic crates have lids to protect contents
  • Flexible, available in all shapes and sizes, with or without lids
  • Recycled or recyclable, some plastic crates are made from recycled plastic and most crates can be recycled once they reach end of life
  • Cheap, few other storage mediums offer so much for so little!

The Plastor range of plastic crates includes:

Recycled plastic storage crates

Recycled plastic storage crates offer reliable storage and transport with sustainability built in. Each crate is made from recycled plastic and is guaranteed to be as strong and as long lasting as virgin plastic.

Recycled plastic is not food grade but is comparable to new plastic in every other way!

Coloured storage crates

Coloured storage crates come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours with, or without lids. They can nest and stack and help organise storage or movement. Each crate is built tough, with many being food grade. All can stack when full or next when empty so are efficient too!

Coloured crates make it easy to organise items by any system you use!

Large storage crates with lids

Large storage crates with lids offer more significant storage options for larger items or bulk items. Each can nest when empty and stack when full and comes with robust hinged lids for extra convenience.

Large storage crates with lids provide the ideal medium for bulk or larger items with the advantage of being able to stack!

Euro stacking containers

Euro stacking containers offer flexible storage options in a wide range of configurations. Each conforms to industry-wide Euro dimensions so they can fit onto pallets, stack or nest with other Euro stacking containers and be mixed and matched as required.

Euro stacking containers can be vented or not and are guaranteed to stack or nest seamlessly with other Euro stacking containers!

Plastic supermarket crates

Plastic supermarket crates, or bale arm crates as they are also known, are often found in shops, hence their name. They are ideal for fresh fruit and vegetables and other perishable items. Each crate is vented and has folding metal (bale) arms to help them stack safely.

You don’t have to use plastic supermarket crates in a shop but that’s definitely where they shine!

Shipping/Delivery crates

Shipping and delivery crates are light when empty and come with helpful handles at each end. They come in a range of shapes and sizes suitable for a wide range of items. Each provides reliable, safe transport for goods of all kinds.

Shipping and delivery crates can streamline storage and movement with light weights, convenient carry handles and the ability to stack when on the move!

Stackable crates

Stackable crates offer the ultimate in storage efficiency. Each crate can stack with others of the same size to minimise the space required for storage. Crates are made from tough plastic, include handles at either end and can come with or without lids.

Stackable crates can stack in storage, when not in use or while being transported. Efficiency at its best!

Nesting crates

Nesting crates also offer storage efficiency. They can stack on top of each other when in use or nest inside each other when empty. Nesting crates come with or without lids, in different colours, food grade or not and in all shapes and sizes.

The nesting feature means you can store hundreds of empty nesting crates within a small space which is a real bonus!

Folding/Collapsible crates

Folding or collapsible crates benefit from tough plastic construction and an innovative fixing mechanism. Their construction means they can be folded flat when not in use before being reassembled for use. Stacking flat minimises space while reassembly takes just seconds.

If you’re short on space, folding plastic crates are the ultimate in efficiency and take just a couple of seconds to reassemble. No tools required